There are a lot of changes that are happening in the real estate business. Property business has gone online in way that has not been anticipated earlier. There are a number of factors that have brought about the change in the real estate business. The recent recession faced by the country is considered to be an important factor in the way the property business has changed. The utilization of technology also has caused a change in the business in a manner that has not been anticipated as well. The market has changed and now the property business has gone in favour of the end users. Whether one is looking for-say-property dealers in Delhi or houses in Bangalore, one can now do it online with ease and comfort of the kind that was not there earlier.

What kind of disruption has been brought about in the property business?

The recession in the property business brought about a change that has gone in the favour of the end users. Earlier, the property business was a seller’s market and therefore all that the businesses had to do was to wait for the unending line of property seekers after developing property. Whenever there is a demand surplus, the innovation in any industry ceases. This is exactly what had happened with the property business. Then the recession hit the property markets and the builders realized that they could not merely wait for the end users as the sales started to trickle. In the meantime, property portal also emerged to do away with the ambiguity that lay in the search for housing online. the portal was born out of the need of young students who could not find houses online. So they decided to come up with a property portal of their own. is now known to be one of the most prominent new property options in the country. The portal is known to be one of the most promising new source for searching property related options in the country. It not only allows the end users to search for houses but also for home loans and property agents. Whether you are looking for real estate agents in Delhi or any of the other fifty nine territories that are a part of the portal’s purview, the ease of search is the same.

The portal has transformed the way property business is conducted online. It has managed to bring about transparency in the property business using technology innovation. In the era when more and more people are using online resources to search for properties across the country on the internet, the portal has become one of the most reliable ways to search for housing. There are a plethora of services that the portal offer which have made it one of the most potent centres for housing demand. The property business across the country has re-emerged in the year 2015 and the portal now has become a formidable new source for searching houses.

In Conclusion has brought about a change in the way properties are searched online. the portal has additionally focussed on the needs of the end users and used their needs to define its services. It has also brought about a level of innovation that has not been seen in the past.