President Trump on Sunday endorsed a catastrophe affirmation for California over instances of the coronavirus spreading in the state.

A news discharge Sunday evening from the White House expressed that government financing would be accessible for state, nearby and inborn associations in California as authorities endeavor to forestall the further spread of coronavirus. In excess of 1,600 case have been affirmed in the state.

“The President’s action makes Federal funding available for Crisis Counseling for affected individuals in all areas in the State of California,” said the release.

“Federal funding is also available to State, tribal, and eligible local governments and certain private nonprofit organizations for emergency protective measures, including direct Federal assistance, for all areas in the State of California impacted by COVID-19,” the White House proceeded.

30 individuals have kicked the bucket in the state as California has announced the third-most noteworthy number of cases among each of the 50 states, behind just Washington state and New York.

In a letter to President Trump this week, California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) anticipated that the greater part of the state’s 25.5 million individuals will be tainted inside weeks.

That number, a representative later clarified, was determined without considering activities taken to relieve the infection’s spread.

“Governor Newsom has been honest about the threat of the virus and its impact on the health and welfare of Californians,” Jesse Melgar told The Hill. “This projection shows why it’s so critical that Californians take action to slow the spread of the disease – and those mitigation efforts aren’t taken into account in those numbers. The state is deploying every resource at its disposal to meet this challenge, and we continue to ask for the federal government’s assistance in this fight.”