Windows 10 clients, yes it has been a rough spell, yet they should be on high alarm once more. Here’s all that they have to know.

Gotten by both Bleeping PC and Windows Latest, the early issues with Microsoft’s new KB4535996 Windows 10 update are currently spiraling wild. Here are the principle issues they should know about:

Boot Problems And Crashes

The previous seems, by all accounts, to be across the board among clients who have introduced KB4535996, with huge deferrals in PCs beginning subsequent to introducing the update and every so often demonstrating a vexing dark screen mostly through the extended boot process. their own PC is showing this issue.

All things considered, on the off chance that they have this issue they are fortunate in light of the fact that for other people, their PCs won’t boot by any means:

“I just had this update on my PC and now it will not boot. Fails the BIOS POST test with a series of beeps, completely blank screen. I bought it only 5 days ago, have tried re-seating the RAM and GPU. Hard to decipher the beeps as the screen is blank and I don’t know what MB make it is. (8 regular slow beeps. Then a repeat of two slow low tone beeps, two fast high tone beeps – if that means anything to anyone!) I did have some important work to do, but I guess not, thanks Microsoft 🙁 I presume there is no way to fix this and the PC is now dead, as it won’t ever boot up again now, to receive a Windows update fix … to fix this ‘update fix’?”

Blue Screen Of Death

The scandalous BSOD is likewise hitting clients with KB4535996 introduced with the blue screen showing up as Windows stacks the login screen. This has all the earmarks of being less broad, however when it hits it can hit hard. Bleeping Computer features the predicament of one organization specifically:

“Seeing this issue with about 200 machines. Uninstalling the update doesn’t come off cleanly and still gets lock ups on initial boot.”

Log jams

Windows 10 stammers, dropped outline rates (principally in games), high plate utilization and whipping have likewise completely been accounted for.

“It’s not extreme, but I say my framerate in games has gone down 10 frames or so and stuttering occurs once in a while,” wrote one user on Reddit. “After uninstalling the cumulative update, everything was fine. Weird.”

“Can confirm. Ramped up my CPU usage and caused stuttering even on the easiest games to run,”.

“After I installed the update the disk usage in task manager is 100% all the time, and my pc is slow af now!”

Sound Problems

Introducing KB4535996 has brought about reports of broken sound in Windows 10 as well:

“Thanks to the recent update I no longer have any sound on my computer, I’ve tried everything and nothing will fix it besides rolling the update back, point is [I] shouldn’t have to. Microsoft needs to get their together.”

“The latest Microsoft update has caused my audio to stop working.”

“I updated on the 1st March I have nothing but troubles now intermittent shutting down sound issues video issues I cannot uninstall this even after a reset”

Microsoft Visual Studio Impacted

The Visual Studio code-marking apparatus signtool.exe shows up generally broken for some clients. Coder Rafael Rivera seems to have discovered its foundation cautioning: “If you’re having trouble with signtool.exe, check if you have KB4535996 (optional 2020-02 CU) installed. Looks like WTLogConfigCiScriptEvent got removed from wldp.dll without sufficient testing.”

Microsoft has additionally given an admonition about this expressing: “We’re aware of issues with signtool.exe after installing the latest optional update for Windows 10, version 1903 or Windows 10, version 1909 (KB4535996). If you are encountering issues or receiving errors related to signtool.exe, you can uninstall the optional update KB4535996. We are working on a resolution and estimate a solution will be available in mid-March.”

But here’s the insane part: go to the KB4535996 page Microsoft still expresses“Microsoft is not currently aware of any issues with this update”. The organization normally neglects to refresh the alerts on pained Windows 10 updates (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) however this time it’s especially poor.

While a few clients have encountered issues attempting to uninstall KB4535996, these are the means they have to follow:

  • In Windows Desktop Search type ‘update history’ at that point click ‘View your Update history’
  • Select ‘Uninstall Updates’
  • On the Installed Updates exchange window, discover and choose KB4535996, click the Uninstall button
  • Restart

They can likewise download Windows Update troubleshooter, which will empower they to square KB4535996 proactively/prevent it from reinstalling.

Every one of these issues come only weeks after a Windows 10 update began erasing client information while another was pulled days sooner for causing framework crashes. Microsoft has as of late turned out Windows 10 discretionary update upgrades initially declared in September however the nature of updates themselves despite everything leave a ton to be wanted.

Microsoft, it’s an ideal opportunity to improve.