With each new form of Android, they can wager on a couple of parts of the OS being adjusted if not totally redesignd: DND, warning taking care of, authorizations, and the offer menu. Its absolutely impossible Google could disregard these, yet at any rate the change it has presented in the principal Android 11 designer review is one they have all needed: application sticking.

The alternative to stick applications to the highest point of the offer sheet, which was presented with Nougat, was expelled from Android with Q beta 3, gone forever. Of course, the last Android 10 offer menu is quicker and better in a couple of ways, yet sticking the applications they utilize the most to the top is an extraordinary method to abstain from looking over or trust an AI to propose what they may require straightaway.

Sticking is back in Android 11: Simply tap and hang on any application in the offer sheet and they will have the option to stick it to the top (underneath direct offer targets, clearly). On the off chance that the application offers a few sharing purposes, similar to Twitter (Tweet and Direct Message) or Instagram (Feed, Stories, Direct), they can stick any of these independently.

Stuck applications appear underneath direct offer targets or more the full application list. Despite the fact that they can stick more than four, they might have the option to see four expectations. That line isn’t scrollable yet.

This is absolutely an improvement, yet they are as yet deficient with regards to the capacity to stick direct share targets independently, expel applications from the offer menu in the event that they never use them, and totally debilitate direct sharing if it is anything but an element they need.