Segway's S-Pod is a ridiculous lounge chair on wheels

Indeed, the Segway S-Pod looks a great deal like the drifting seats that future people use in Wall-E. Alright, that is off the beaten path.

The Segway S-Pod is a vehicle intended for future savvy urban communities, when autos are less normal yet people still need to get around serenely. The unit itself is suspended between two wheels, giving the whole seat a floaty vibe when you’re settled in its softened cowhide seat. It’s controlled with a level, round joystick on the correct armrest: press it toward the path you need to venture out and discharge it to brake. Holding the joystick right one way makes the seat turn (whee!).

Segway flaunted the S-Pod at CES and I had a good time with it around a short track, protective cap what not. It was smooth – the joystick is touchy and it doesn’t take much for the unit to shoot forward, however once you’ve dialed in the right measure of weight, it moves like spread and turns effectively. The seat naturally hinders only a tad as it turns.

The CES model was topped at 7mph, yet the last form will hit paces of 24mph. It’ll make a trip up to 43 miles one after another, and all that’s needed is two hours to completely charge. The S-Pod is booked to dispatch financially toward the year’s end, with a customer variant coming before long. There’s no word on cost presently.