Rivian shows off how its new EVs can ‘tank turn’

On the off chance that you’ve at any point wanted that your vehicle could change direction quickly, at that point the people at Rivian have recently given you motivation to get one of their EVs. The organization posted a video on Dec 25th, flaunting how its R1T and R1S electric vehicles can make tank-turns. In any event, in the event that you purchase the quad-engine variant, which enables each wheel to be driven freely, enabling you to turn around on the spot.

Normally, you’ll have to sprinkle out on the pricier renditions of the two autos, when they’re accessible to purchase, yet don’t figure you can pull 180s on the thruway. All things considered, tank turns are intended to be done in unpleasant conditions and require a little kick of the wheels to make you go. However, it’s as yet a flawless stunt that you can flaunt to your companions while going mud romping, at whatever point either Rivian vehicle ends up at a bargain.